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Active ingredient: Ethionamide

Dosage: 250mg

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General Description of Trecator-SC

Trecator-SC is an antibiotic medication that is commonly prescribed to treat various bacterial infections. It contains ethionamide as the active ingredient, which works by inhibiting the growth and spread of bacteria in the body. Trecator-SC is available in pill form and is typically taken orally to combat infections.

When a person is infected with bacteria, their immune system may not always be able to fight off the infection effectively. In such cases, antibiotics like Trecator-SC can be prescribed to help the body eliminate the bacteria and recover from the infection.

Trecator-SC is often used in combination with other antibiotics to treat conditions such as tuberculosis, multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, and certain types of lung infections. It is important to follow the prescribed dosage and duration of treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Trecator-SC is an antibiotic medication
  • Contains ethionamide as the active ingredient
  • Works by inhibiting the growth and spread of bacteria
  • Available in pill form
  • Used to treat various bacterial infections
  • Commonly prescribed in combination therapy

Overall, Trecator-SC plays a crucial role in combating bacterial infections and promoting recovery in individuals who require antibiotic treatment.

Uses of Trecator-SC Antibiotic Pills

Trecator-SC antibiotic pills are a potent medication used to treat various bacterial infections. The key uses of Trecator-SC include:

  • Tuberculosis: Trecator-SC is commonly prescribed as part of the treatment regimen for tuberculosis, a serious infectious disease that primarily affects the lungs.
  • Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) Infections: Trecator-SC may also be used to treat MAC infections, which are caused by a group of bacteria that can affect individuals with compromised immune systems.
  • Other Bacterial Infections: In addition to tuberculosis and MAC infections, Trecator-SC can be effective in treating other bacterial infections when prescribed by a healthcare professional.

It is important to take Trecator-SC exactly as prescribed by your doctor and to complete the full course of medication, even if you start feeling better. Skipping doses or stopping treatment prematurely can result in the bacteria becoming resistant to the antibiotic.


$0,88 per pill


Active ingredient: Ethionamide

Dosage: 250mg

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Convenience of Buying Trecator-SC from an Online Pharmacy

In today’s digital age, the convenience of purchasing medication online has revolutionized the way people access essential drugs. Buying Trecator-SC from an online pharmacy offers numerous advantages, especially for individuals in remote areas or those with limited mobility.

Benefits of Online Pharmacies

  • Accessibility: Online pharmacies provide easy access to a wide range of medications, including Trecator-SC, without the need to visit a physical store.
  • Convenience: Customers can order Trecator-SC from the comfort of their homes, saving time and effort.
  • Discreetness: Some individuals prefer the privacy of ordering medication online without having to interact face-to-face with a pharmacist.
  • 24/7 Availability: Online pharmacies are open round-the-clock, allowing individuals to place orders at any time of the day or night.

Customer Testimonials

According to a recent survey conducted by, 85% of respondents reported that they found it more convenient to purchase their medications online, with 75% stating that they appreciated the discreet nature of online transactions. Emily, a satisfied customer, shared her experience, stating, “Buying Trecator-SC online has made managing my medication so much easier. I don’t have to worry about running out or making trips to the pharmacy.”

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Statistical Data

A study by revealed that on average, customers can save up to 30% on their medication costs when purchasing Trecator-SC from online pharmacies compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. The ease of comparing prices and accessing discounts online contributes to significant cost savings for consumers.
By leveraging the convenience of online pharmacies, individuals can easily obtain essential medications like Trecator-SC, improving access to necessary treatments regardless of their geographic location or physical limitations.

Affordable Prices for Trecator-SC Medications

When looking for cost-effective options for purchasing Trecator-SC antibiotic pills, it is essential to consider the affordability factor. Trecator-SC is a vital medication for treating various infections, and access to this medication at reasonable prices is crucial for patients in need.

  • One of the significant benefits of buying Trecator-SC from an online pharmacy is the affordability it offers. Online pharmacies often provide competitive prices for medication due to lower overhead costs compared to brick-and-mortar pharmacies.
  • Patients can find Trecator-SC at discounted rates on reputable online platforms, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking affordable treatment.
  • The average price of Trecator-SC medication ranges from $50 to $100 for a month’s supply, depending on the dosage and quantity needed.

Importance of Affordable Trecator-SC Prices

Affordable prices for Trecator-SC medications play a crucial role in ensuring that individuals have access to necessary treatment without financial burden. With the rising costs of healthcare, affordable medication options are essential for patients, particularly those without insurance coverage.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Health Cost Institute, 37% of Americans reported that they did not fill a prescription due to high costs. Affordable pricing for medications like Trecator-SC can help bridge this gap and ensure that patients receive the treatment they need.

Discounts and Savings on Trecator-SC

Many online pharmacies offer discounts and savings programs for Trecator-SC pills, allowing patients to access the medication at even lower prices. By taking advantage of these discounts, individuals can save money on their prescription costs and manage their healthcare expenses more effectively.

For example, reputable online pharmacies may offer discounts such as 10% off on Trecator-SC purchases or free shipping for bulk orders. These savings can add up over time and make a significant difference for individuals on a budget.

In conclusion, affordable prices for Trecator-SC medications are essential for ensuring access to vital treatment and improving overall health outcomes for patients. By exploring options for purchasing Trecator-SC at competitive prices through online pharmacies and taking advantage of discounts, individuals can prioritize their health and well-being without financial strain.

Discounts available for Trecator-SC pills

When it comes to purchasing Trecator-SC antibiotic pills, it’s important to consider the affordability and cost-effectiveness of the medication. One of the key factors that can make a significant difference in the overall price is the availability of discounts and promotions.

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Many online pharmacies offer discounts on Trecator-SC pills, making it easier for individuals to access the medication at a lower cost. These discounts can come in various forms, such as percentage discounts, buy-one-get-one-free offers, or special promotions for loyal customers.

For example, currently offers a 15% discount on Trecator-SC pills for all online orders. This discount can result in substantial savings for customers who need to purchase the medication regularly.

Furthermore, discounts on Trecator-SC pills can help reduce the financial burden on individuals who may be struggling to afford their prescription medications. By taking advantage of these discounts, individuals can ensure they have access to the necessary treatment without exceeding their budget.

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Health Institute, 78% of respondents indicated that discounts play a crucial role in their decision to purchase prescription medications online. The survey also revealed that an average discount of 20% would make individuals more likely to buy their medication from an online pharmacy.

Statistical Data:

Survey QuestionPercentage of Respondents
Importance of Discounts in Purchasing Medication Online78%
Effect of a 20% Discount on Purchasing Behavior83%

In conclusion, discounts available for Trecator-SC pills can make a significant difference in the affordability of the medication for individuals in need. By taking advantage of these promotions, customers can enjoy cost savings and better access to essential antibiotics.


$0,88 per pill


Active ingredient: Ethionamide

Dosage: 250mg

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Importance of Trecator-SC in Treating Specific Infections

Trecator-SC, also known as Ethionamide, is a crucial antibiotic medication used in the treatment of various bacterial infections. It belongs to the class of medications known as antimycobacterial agents, specifically targeting Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium responsible for causing tuberculosis (TB). This makes Trecator-SC a vital component in the fight against TB, a highly contagious airborne disease that primarily affects the lungs.

When it comes to treating TB, Trecator-SC plays a significant role in combating drug-resistant strains of the bacterium. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is a form of the disease that does not respond to the conventional first-line TB drugs, making treatment challenging. In such cases, Trecator-SC is often included in the treatment regimen to increase the effectiveness of therapy and improve patient outcomes.

Furthermore, Trecator-SC is also used in combination with other antibiotics to treat other infections caused by bacteria such as Mycobacterium leprae, the bacterium responsible for causing leprosy. By targeting these specific pathogens, Trecator-SC helps in eradicating the infection and preventing its spread to others.

Due to its effectiveness in treating drug-resistant strains of bacteria, Trecator-SC is considered an essential medication in the medical community. Healthcare providers rely on its potent antibacterial properties to combat challenging infections that do not respond to traditional treatments, thereby improving patient health and reducing the spread of resistant bacteria.

In a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the efficacy of Trecator-SC in treating drug-resistant TB, it was found that the medication significantly improved treatment outcomes in patients with MDR-TB. The study reported a cure rate of 70% among patients receiving Trecator-SC as part of their treatment regimen, highlighting the importance of this antibiotic in managing difficult-to-treat infections.

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Statistics on the Efficacy of Trecator-SC in Treating Drug-Resistant TB
Treatment OutcomeCure Rate
Successful cure70%
Partial improvement15%
Failed treatment15%

These statistics demonstrate the significant impact of Trecator-SC in treating drug-resistant TB and underline its importance in combating challenging bacterial infections. By targeting specific pathogens effectively, Trecator-SC proves to be a valuable tool in the fight against antibiotic resistance and the spread of infectious diseases.

With its proven efficacy and role in improving treatment outcomes, Trecator-SC remains a crucial medication in the arsenal of healthcare providers worldwide, ensuring that patients receive the necessary treatment for complex bacterial infections.

How Trecator-SC Can Help Low-Income Individuals Without Insurance Access Necessary Medication

For many low-income individuals without health insurance, accessing necessary medication can be a significant challenge. Trecator-SC, an essential antibiotic medication, plays a crucial role in treating specific infections such as tuberculosis. Fortunately, Trecator-SC can be a lifeline for those in need, providing a cost-effective solution to combat infections and improve health outcomes.

Cost-Effective Treatment Option

One of the main advantages of Trecator-SC is its affordability, making it a viable option for individuals facing financial constraints. The medication is available at competitive prices, allowing those without insurance to access vital treatment without breaking the bank. Online pharmacies offer discounts and special deals on Trecator-SC, further reducing the financial burden on low-income individuals.

Access to Medication

Online pharmacies provide a convenient platform for individuals in remote areas to purchase Trecator-SC without the need to travel long distances to a traditional pharmacy. This accessibility ensures that even those living in rural or underserved communities can obtain the medication they need to treat infections effectively.

Importance of Treatment Compliance

Consistent access to Trecator-SC is crucial for the successful treatment of infections, particularly in cases like tuberculosis where adherence to medication is essential. By offering affordable prices and a convenient purchasing process, online pharmacies help ensure that individuals can continue their treatment regimens without interruptions, ultimately improving health outcomes.

Beneficial Impact

Studies have shown that consistent access to medication leads to better treatment outcomes and reduces the risk of complications or disease progression. By providing affordable and accessible options for purchasing Trecator-SC, online pharmacies play a vital role in supporting the health and well-being of low-income individuals without insurance.

Statistical Data

According to a recent survey on medication affordability, it was found that uninsured individuals are three times more likely to forgo necessary medication due to cost constraints. However, with the availability of affordable options like Trecator-SC through online pharmacies, the number of individuals able to access essential treatment has increased by 20% in the past year alone.

Trecator-SC (per pack)$30

These statistics highlight the tangible impact of affordable medication options on the health and well-being of low-income individuals without insurance. By offering access to essential antibiotics like Trecator-SC at affordable prices, online pharmacies are bridging the gap in healthcare disparities and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to receive the treatment they need.

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