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Dapoxetine and Alcohol: What is The Danger?

What is Dapoxetine Used for?

Dapoxetine is the newest means, devoted to a significant extension of sexual intercourse duration (an average of 2-3 times). This Dapoxetine effect is achieved due to reduced serotonin production, which in turn allows you to delay ejaculation moment.

Mechanism of Dapoxetine Interaction with Alcohol

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy staff notes inadequate amount of scientific work related to studies of alcohol harmful effects when interacting with ED drugs. Most of the conclusions about the effects of mixing alcohol with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation drugs have been done empirically.

A classic example of the body’s response to supply of alcohol-containing products is:

  • face redness;
  • nausea;
  • general malaise;
  • migraine;
  • symptoms of food poisoning.Dapoxetine

The state of severe alcohol intoxication not only causes painful symptoms, but also complicates treatment. To provide proper medical care, doctors need to first remove the intoxication of body resulting from poisoning with ethyl alcohol.

After taking alcohol together with Dapoxetine in body, the following pathological processes occur:

  • pain threshold sensitivity changes;
  • the majority of chemical reactions are amplified, including the effect of medications taken;
  • increased risk of causing heavy internal bleeding, brain hemorrhages;
  • brain cells are affected;
  • there is an oppression of respiratory system;
  • after vasospasms, blood pressure rises, the risk of hypertensive crisis and myocardial infarction increases;
  • blood glucose levels increase significantly, dangerous hypoglycemic and toxic reactions occur in patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • secretory function of adrenal cortex is disrupted, production of adrenaline, cortisone and aldosterone is reduced;
  • there is a persistent violation of heart rhythm, pain in the chest area;
  • the likelihood of liver cirrhosis and erosive gastritis, peptic ulcer of gastrointestinal tract, and growth of malignant neoplasms in larynx, esophagus, stomach and intestine is increasing.
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In view of the undesirable consequences described, doctors categorically forbid taking any doses of alcoholic beverages of different strengths on the background of taking medications including Dapoxetine.

Instructions for Dapoxetine Use

After describing possible negative phenomena after combining Dapoxetine with alcohol, the doctor gives the patient recommendations on the correct use of the drug substance. The patient, suffering from various forms of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, undergoes course treatment with Dapoxetine, taking up to 60 mg daily. No more than one Dapoxetine pill is allowed to be taken daily.

Meals in no way affect metabolism rate of the active ingredients in patient’s body. To increase drug’s effectiveness, the patient must undergo all the course. Chewing or cracking a tablet will cause a loss of a large number of active chemical compounds before absorption moment.

Metabolization of stimulant and manifestation of initial drug effects are observed within the first hour after Dapoxetine dissolution. The maximum tonic effect is manifested 2 hours after taking the pill. A man of reproductive age will feel the increase in erectile function during the day after using Dapoxetine. It will also prolong sexual intercourse what will bring pleasure to you and your partner as well.