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What is Better Online or Conventional Pharmacy?

online pharmacyThe purchase of medications in the online pharmacy including Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has its advantages. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy hopes that this short explanation will help you decide on the purchase of medications:

  1. When making an order in an online pharmacy, you get the same medications that you would purchase in a regular pharmacy, but not lying on the shelf waiting for your coming in. Each order in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy comes to the supplier within a few minutes after its registration on the site. For the next 24 days, you keep it in your hands. Medications for a regular pharmacy are ordered in advance and are waiting for you in the warehouse, and then they will be delivered to your door right. This period can be quite significant. Of course, when the drug expires, it will be replaced with fresh, but in general, buying drugs in “Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy” online – you usually have on hand the most fresh drug, which has a shelf life is still ahead.
  2. As already described above, the vast majority of medications are ordered from the supplier specifically for you at the time of online order confirmation and are immediately delivered to you by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy delivery options. These goods do not take place in pharmacy warehouse, they are not exhibited in storefronts, etc., so their cost does not include the costs of operating an ordinary offline pharmacy, the work of specialists, renting a room, offline advertising, etc. This allows you to sell pharmacy products via the Internet (directly to you) much cheaper than from the storefront.
  3. In some cases it will be more convenient to drop into a regular pharmacy, but for most of us, given the urban rhythm of life, it is an undeniable advantage to be able to receive an order anywhere, at home or at work, using the delivery service. It should be taken into account that the work of any courier can never be free and if someone offers a “free” delivery, it means that the cost of couriers is already included in the price of all products on the site, and in the maximum. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is honest with you in this matter – if you do not need delivery – you do not pay for it, if necessary – pay one courier visit for one order. In any case, if you compare it with a regular pharmacy, you will have to go into it personally, and by ordering via the Internet, along with the possibility of self-transportation, it is possible to save time by getting an order without leaving home.
  4. There is another small advantage of an online pharmacy, which customers generally do not think about – it’s freedom of choice. In a conventional pharmacy, you will be hanged over not only a well-designed showcase, but also the seller’s opinion, usually formed in advance by active drug manufacturers. Large pharmaceutical companies have very experienced staff who can competently work with pharmacies. You will hear qualified recommendations and there will be almost no chances to make the “wrong” choice. In the online pharmacy, you are not affected by the cunning hidden recommendation advertising, buy exactly what you think is necessary to buy.
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