Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy – Viagra, Cialis, Kamagra Online

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Online Generic Drugs Supplier

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is:

  • online pharmacy that has been working for over 10 years;
  • 100% guarantee of quality and authenticity of products sold;
  • quick order of sought-after generic drugs;
  • affordable prices and pleasant discounts.

Every buyer is important for Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, so the online catalog is made for easy searching and quick ordering of medications.

Service Oriented to your Comfort

If necessary, you can get advice from an experienced pharmacist, ask him questions and get answers. You may buy medications you need and receive notification of the previously missing items appearance. Everything becomes possible with Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Now You May Buy Drugs Online as wellDelivery Options of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

A client can take use of one of the following ways of order delivering:

  • Regular Airmain (14-21 days);
  • Express Courier System (8-14 days).

The fee is calculated depending on type of delivery and your order amount. Checkout stage will inform you with these aspects.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy – Guarantee of Quality and Authenticity

  • cooperation with trusted suppliers only;
  • all necessary accompanying documentation is freely available;
  • control over expiration dates;
  • control of rejected series and falsifications;
  • observance of transportation and storage conditions.

In this online pharmacy you can buy the following generic drug categories:

  • men’s health;
  • women’s health;
  • antibiotis;
  • antidepressants;
  • antidiabetic;
  • anti-allergic / asthma;
  • blood pressure / heart;
  • cancer;
  • skin care.

There are also some more drug categories which may be useful for you. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy tries to make everything possible to meet customers’ needs and wishes.

What Generics?

What is Difference of Generic and Brand Drug?

Generics are different from the brand drug in:

  • absence of a patent for one of the active substances (not necessarily, but more often);
  • package appearance;
  • name;
  • price.

Generic manufacturers are not world-famous pharmaceutical corporations. But this does not mean that drugs are manufactured in cellar and without compliance. The cost of the drug is reduced due to the fact that it is not necessary to test generic: the molecule has already been developed, clinical trials have been carried out.

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Generics Production

Many people think that generics production is illegal and borders on the theft of the prescription. In fact, everything is much simpler. Each manufacturer, before starting to produce, patents the product. The patent protection of a new drug is different in variopus countries. In case of patent expiration, the manufacturer loses the exclusive rights to product. And now almost any company can make a drug by this recipe.