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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is always open for mutually beneficial cooperation with:

  • private clinics,
  • private practicing doctors,
  • collective buyers.

If you are interested in buying high quality medicines with a 100% guarantee of product quality, we will consider any of your offers and create individual working conditions with a flexible policy of discounts and services.

On your request, we can deliver:

  • generic drugs;
  • any chemical, laboratory and cosmetic substances, except for those banned on the territory of the country;
  • rare and hard-to-reach drugs.

To apply for cooperation, send us a letter indicating your contact details and, if necessary, additional requests. As soon as the application is processed, we will contact you.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy delivers drugs to almost all countries of the world. For more effective coordination of delivery to the regions, we are constantly expanding the network of representatives ready to take responsibility for delivering drugs to a specific point. We especially appreciate those active and caring people who spare no effort and time to combine several orders from one locality or region into one – in fact in this case, the delivery of drugs for each of the participants is significantly cheaper.

Activities of the pharmacy

  • The pharmacy has a professional pharmacist with all qualification categories;
  • The pharmacy has retained its production function. We make preparations of solutions for external use, ointments, and also solutions for physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • The store receives medicines from the pharmacy warehouse four times a month, including for the treatment of cancer patients. Priority is given to the preparation of domestic production. On the first day of each month, information about the availability of medicines in the pharmacy is sent to the hospital. The pharmacy keeps a computer record of medicines;
  • The pharmacy actively conducts extrabudgetary activities. Medicines for sale in the hospital departments are on a fee basis;
  • Specialists of the pharmacy determine the demand and need for medicines, taking into account the standards and clinical protocols of treatment, as well as in accordance with the planned annual funding of the hospital. The purchase of antibiotics for the hospital is based on an analysis of their effectiveness based on monitoring the sensitivity of microflora to the drugs of this group;
  • Employees of the pharmacy actively participate in the public life of the hospital, conduct information work with doctors, as well as provide advice to medical personnel. There are regular conversations with department heads about the availability of medicines in the pharmacy and the rationality of their use, in order to save budget funds;
  • Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy carries out control over the issuance of requirements for narcotic and psychotropic drugs, the correctness of maintaining records in the offices;
  • We also have a plan of classes for improving the knowledge of pharmacy workers.
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