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Chime Viewer

Chime is a browser plug-in dedicated to molecular visualization. It is small, fast, and sophisticated. Chime has the flexibility to control and mix rendering styles down to the atom level (but needs a somewhat complex interface [using pop-up menus] to deliver that power). It supports several 3D chemistry formats natively, including (MDL) MOL and (Brookhaven) PDB files. Chime is available as a FREE download from MDL (see below). Need help installing and using a plug-in? Go to Plug-in Help.

Chime Features

  • Supports full 3D manipulation;
  • Features dozens of rendering styles;
  • Flexible selection capabilities;
  • Measure distances, angles, torsions;
  • Supports wall-eyed stereo pairs;
  • Handles large models easily;
  • Well suited for professional use.

Chime Drawbacks

  • Menus often complex (3-5 levels deep);
  • Chemistry knowledge often required;
  • Displays resonant bonds as singles;
  • Ball-n-Stick atoms all the same size;
  • Hydrogen bonding shown with singles;
  • Lacks user feedback in some modes;
  • May be too complex for beginners.

Chime Downloads

  • FREE download from MDL-USA (all browsers).
  • FREE download from MDL-UK (mirror site).