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Erectile Dysfunction and Your Age: What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

Erectile Dysfunction and Your Age

According to medical statistics, erectile problems occur in more than 50% of the male population in the age range from 40 to 70.

But andrology are convinced that every man has a reserve for old age. Some studies show that everyone is born with a tremendous reserve capacity, which could allow him to satisfy 15 women. This is called a 15-fold reserve. And this helped our ancestors not only to survive in the wild and cruel world, but also safely reproduce their kind.

The modern man, as a rule, spends this reserve in his youth completely, and closer to 50 he is ready to accept the age-related impotence. But is it really impotence?

The organism, of course, ages – the cells grow less active, the production of sex hormones decreases, and all this can not but affect the overall sexuality.

But the man did not lose the desire for a woman! And if you have less abilities to realize them does not mean that you have become impotent.

That is, the main problem for men in their age is not the age-related impotence, but the common erectile dysfunction, which, by the way, is now considered not a disease but a complication of other diseases. After all, potency does disappear overnight.

Why does a man’s strength decrease over years? Does age affect male potency?

  • Irregular sexual life, especially after 30, can affect the age of impotence. The penis, like other organs, should be active. It is proved that regular relationships with a woman improve the quality of sperm and increase the number of viable spermatozoa in it, while maintaining potency at the proper level;
  • Not-completely-cured diseases (prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, vesiculitis, orcoepididymitis) and sexually transmitted infections. Potency is also affected by chronic diseases, such as: diabetes, arthritis, heart disease. And although modern drugs from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy can help most patients, the consequences of the disease remain;
  • Change in the pattern of testosterone production. Every year, the testosterone level in men decreases by about 1%. However, the statistics of the analyzes show that by the age of 30, this level differs in men of one age category. Some men live a full-fledged sexual life in 65, and others have erectile problems in 35-40;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: alcohol abuse, hypodynamia, smoking, unbalanced diet, lack of sufficient physical activity. As a result, a man get problems with blood vessels, circulatory disorders and, as a consequence, worsening of the normal blood supply to the genital organ;
  • Use of some medicines. Unfortunately, doctors do not yet know how to work together. The cardiologist can prescribe a medicine that reduces blood pressure, forgetting to say that it can negatively affects male potency. The patient is upset and goes to the urologist. He does not suspect anything, examines the patient, finds no problems and sends the patient to a psychiatrist or neurologist. As a result, the patient has a huge list of medicines that treat one condition and destroy another.
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How to increase potency?

  • Consult an expert. Alas, only every 10th man discuss his problems with the doctor. The rest either simply accept this problem as a matter of course and reconcile with erectile dysfunction, or start self-medication without medical advice. They exceed the dosage of ED pills from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and destroy their body. But the causes of erectile problems can be different, and only the doctor can determine the true cause and prescribe the right treatment. And you’d better visit all doctors. This is the first thing you need to start treating erectile dysfunction
  • Take care of your physical form. There are many opportunities for increasing potency: specially chosen physical exercises (gymnastics for the muscles of the perineum, buttocks, penis), some practices of yoga, and daily training to increase potency
  • Balance your diet. A specialist will help you make a list of products for a healthy diet. But do not neglect the well-known natural remedies. For example, some fruits, foods and vegetables that have the properties of aphrodisiacs (with lots of vitamins A, B and E). Among them – walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, prunes, honey, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, many others. And you need to refuse foods that reduce sexual desire: coffee, energy drinks (including cola), starch-containing products, white flour products (pasta, baked goods);
  • Medication, such as Viagra, Levitra or Cialis (pills that increase potency naturally) should be chosen only with your doctor, perhaps they will help to defeat an age-related impotence;

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Erectile dysfunction in young men

ED in young men

It’s no secret that male power is one of the most important values in a man’s life and can be both a matter of his pride and cause of considerable anxiety and even suffering. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is often found in young and seemingly perfectly healthy men. Yes what to hide, the early impotence became the real scourge of a modern man.

It should be noted that not every man, faced with a similar problem, immediately turns to professional help. You can understand this – one does not want to admit one’s own impotence, and so many people interpret problems with erection. But if you neglect contrived conventions and promptly identify the cause of the disease, then the treatment will be faster and much more successful.

What is early impotence and what causes it?

Impotence is considered to be the inability to achieve an erection, or the inability to keep it during sexual intercourse. It’s not about one-time setbacks. But if such “misfires” are repeated more often, there is every reason to seriously think about the state of their health. With early impotence, a regular morning erection is also possible. Often, there is no problem with masturbation. However, there is no need to talk about a full sexual life.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are conventionally divided into psychological and physiological ones. By the way, the overwhelming majority of early impotence are caused precisely by psychosomatic factors: stress, lack of sleep, nervous overstrain, chronic fatigue, etc.

Impotence is a symptom of another disease

However, impotence may be an alarming symptom of a serious illness. These can be diseases of the cardiovascular system and hemopoietic organs, some infectious diseases, diabetes, thyroid diseases, genital organs diseases, brain tumor, etc.

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Postponed trauma of the spine and hip joint are frequent causes of impotence.

Healthy lifestyle is a guarantee of good potency

A way of life and nutrition are very important for a man. A healthy lifestyle, morning jogging or other moderate regular exercise, contrast shower, balanced diet, vitamins are very favorable for both general well-being and potency. But alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, fatty foods, a sedentary lifestyle depress erectile function.

Early impotence can also be a consequence of certain factors associated with the professional activities: an irregular working day, hypothermia, overheating, constant vibration.

Men who like to surprise a partner with their records in sex need to be careful. Many hours of “marathons” exhaust the body. A too zealous effort to prolong the sexual intercourse, delaying ejaculation, can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Regular use of some medications such as antipsychotics, hypotensive, sedatives, antidepressants, tranquilizers, antihistamines, anticonvulsants and antiemetics, etc. also have a negative effect on male potency. However, erectile dysfunction caused by medications is temporary.

Erectile problems – specialist’s help required!

For any man, impotence is the greatest stress, resulting in a depression and internal discomfort, which can easily ruin your personal life, reduce vitality and general physical well-being.

An experienced specialist can always diagnose the true cause of early impotence, determine whether sexual dysfunction is a concomitant sign of another disease, so it’s important to be honest with the doctor. In no case do you need to hide something. Even the slightest changes in skin, voice, genital size may be important for the doctor.

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