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Levitra – a New Drug for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Levitra is a modern remedy for treatment of erectile dysfunction at various stages of its manifestation and at any age. Vardenafil acts as active substance in this medication – this component affects blood circulation, provides blood flow to cavernous bodies of genital organ, which contributes to full erection.

From the History

Manufacturer of original Levitra is German company «Bayer». It was Levitra who acquired experience of creators of famous Viagra, which made a real sensation in pharmacology market. Now specialists faced task of creating an equally effective and at the same time safer drug that would cause minimum of side effects.

After numerous tests and determining optimal dosage, Levitra appeared (in 2003). In this case, developers used a fundamentally new active substance – vardenafil, which is characterized by a more gentle principle of action.

A little later, Levitra Soft appeared, which immediately became popular among the stronger sex, as it was not required to be washed down with water: the feature of pills is that within a few minutes they dissolve in the mouth, while their effectiveness is more pronounced than in usual Levitra.levitra for ed

Seeing success and relevance of such pills, Indian corporations began to produce generics of the drug. Modern generic products are characterized by lower price than original drug, while their effectiveness is not worse at all, which makes it possible to purchase such medicines for men of any level of prosperity.

Advantages of New Levitra Drug

The main advantages of this medication for enhancing potency include the following:

  • minimal number of side effects. Of these, there can be distinguished only hot flashes, a slight increase in heart rate and increase in blood pressure. In most cases, side effects disappear on their own after a while;
  • carefully balanced composition, which ensures high efficiency of the product. Thanks to this, Levitra is able to eliminate even severe cases of erectile dysfunction;
  • acceptable cost of generics, thanks to which every man can afford such treatment;
  • variability of dosages (the drug is available in dosages of 5, 10 and 20 mg), you can choose appropriate option, depending on your health and degree of erectile dysfunction.
  • minimum number of contraindications. These include only serious diseases of heart and blood vessels, severe liver and kidney disease, as well as simultaneous intake of some potent drugs;
  • Levitra Soft is not required to be taken with water, which guarantees easy use;
  • Levitra is a medication that is characterized by quite long action (5 – 6 hours). Thanks to this you will have enough time to spend a full evening with your partner.
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Tips for Using the New Drug

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy gives some tips that will make Levitra use the most effective:

  1. do not take the drug with alcoholic beverages at the same time (especially with strong alcoholic products). Otherwise, there may be side effects that lead to serious health problems. In addition, processing of alcohol by liver can slow down Levitra’s effect or completely bring it to nothing;
  2. since the drug begins to act only after 20 – 25 minutes, it is recommended to calculate optimal time for its administration;
  3. at the beginning of treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to take minimum dosages (5 mg), if necessary, dosage can be slightly increased the next time;
  4. patients under the age of 18 should not take the drug, otherwise there may appear problems with cardiovascular system and reproductive function.

Where to Buy the New Levitra Drug?

You can buy Levitra and its generics both in regular pharmacy and in online pharmacies that sell similar drugs with a license. In the latter case, the purchase will cost you less, but it is recommended to choose a proven online pharmacy that sells really effective and safe potency stimulants, such as Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Please note that in Canadian Pharmacy you can buy the drug without prescription, whereas in most conventional drugstores you will be required to give prescription from your doctor.

Thus, Levitra is the original drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is designed for adults who want to live full sexual life. The drug from German company is distinguished by safe and effective composition, convenient form of release and long-lasting action. Nevertheless, if you want treatment to be truly effective and harmless, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before using this remedy. The specialist will determine appropriate dosage and duration of therapy for you. If Levitra for some reason does not help you, you can buy another stimulant with a similar principle of action.

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