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Levitra: Reviews by Medical Specialists

According to customers’ feedback, it can be confidently said that Levitra can help to improve blood flow in pelvic organs, achieve sexual intercourse for a long time, restore psychological and emotional state, increase one’s sexual activity, achieve physiological erection, and restore normal functioning of reproductive system. The most important substance that is contained in the drug is vardenafil, which restores sexual functions.

But reviews by professional doctors are of more importance to people who never tried the drug and cannot decide whether to buy it or not. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy asked several doctors with huge experience to comment on Levitra action and safety.


Doctors’ Reviews about Levitra

Urologist: Thomas Pelfrey

Levitra is one of the few fail-safe drugs for such unpleasant and delicate disease as erectile dysfunction. Therefore, in almost all cases, I prescribe this remedy to my patients. They, in turn, after a while, give lots of positive feedback.

Content of these reviews allows me to say without any doubt that Levitra is one of the most high-quality and effective medicines designed to treat sexual dysfunction in men. In its composition, generic Levitra of Indian production has no differences from drug of the same name, produced in Germany. But one significant difference is still there is that cost of Indian Levitra is much lower than German equivalent.

Most often I recommend online pharmacies (such as Canadian Pharmacy – to purchase this remedy, since it is easier and cheaper – lots of my customers order generic Levitra only there without any problems and claims to quality of the product.

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With regard to application of the described agent among HIV-infected patients, it should be used with great caution. The fact is that in this category of patients receiving Levitra together with drugs to improve immunity can cause undesirable side effects. Levitra is quite deservedly considered a panacea capable of overcoming delicate male problem. And secret of popularity of the drug lies in successful ratio of high quality and affordable price.

Sex therapist: Alexander Norman

People who have problems with erection often come to me, and I add Levitra remedy to the main course of treatment. Its action is similar to Viagra, and the cost is much lower, but the main advantage of the drug is complete lack of restrictions.

Levitra requires to adhere to special diet, limit oneself in consumption of alcohol or products containing caffeine. Often not only my patients, but also their wives thank me for effective treatment.

Therefore, I definitely recommend the drug Levitra for solving delicate men’s problems, but I advise to study individual characteristics of your organism. And if violations are found, it is better to first find out what they are related to, and only then start treatment with Levitra.

Urologist: Gary Bishop

With Levitra employees of our department got acquainted quite recently, when representative of one pharmacological company offered us to use it as a test drug. The first results from application of the trial variant came unexpectedly quickly: Levitra in most cases coped with the problem of potency in our patients.

Since that time, we are actively prescribing this drug as the main one for treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. My additional recommendations are the following: for men who often drive a car, it is recommended to take Levitra on those days when driving is not planned. The fact is that to date, effect of constituents of this drug on human beings while driving vehicles has not been fully studied.

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In addition, I do not recommend taking full therapeutic dose for men who suffer from kidney diseases with severe manifestations. But with minor violations of functional characteristics of kidneys, I do not reduce dosage of Levitra.

Urologist: Michael M. Winfrey

Problem of lack of erection in our department is more often met in middle-aged men. I prescribe Levitra, which relieves them of this problem. Why this means? For my long medical practice, I had to get acquainted with a large number of drugs used in treatment of erectile dysfunction, and my experience allows me to claim that such a medicinal product as Levitra can not be compared with its counterparts.

The agent has a number of advantages, the most important of which is rapid onset of desired effect. Undoubtedly, men place hope on positive result of taking Levitra, especially in cases when the remedy is taken for the first time. I prescribe Levitra to all men who address me with such a delicate problem.

Urologist: Adrian Garcia

I consider it senseless to recommend patients who are suffering from lack of erection, more expensive means and prescribe comprehensive treatment, because in this case Levitra can help them – a high-speed drug with a long period of action. During my entire practice, I have never had to deal with negative reviews about these pills.

Before prescribing Levitra, I always ask the patient if he suffers from cardiovascular diseases, presence of which is included in the list of main contraindications to taking the drug. Contraindications are determined by chemical composition of the drug. In addition, Levitra is not recommended for admission to young people with still fragile body. But speaking in general, this drug can be attributed to the most high-quality means designed to solve problems with erection.

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Andrologist: Richard D. Fraley

The time when men who had problems with potency, tried to keep them in secret, has long gone. Most of our contemporaries approach this delicate question from philosophical point of view: any difficulty that arises requires its immediate solution!

30% of patients who come to see me are men complaining of weakening of sexual desire and lack of erection. Due to my knowledge of effectiveness of Levitra, it is easy for me to convince patients that the problem can be solved and, of course, to prescribe this remedy. After all, no other drug is comparable with Levitra.

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