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Privacy Policy of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy seeks to respect confidentiality and inviolability of personal data and other information that We receive from users of our service. In this regard, every customer of this online service is required to grapple with this Privacy Policy. If you want to command the service of this online pharmacy, you must fully and unconditionally accept all conditions of this Privacy Policy before using the Service.

Information We Collect, Keep and Process

Information Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy collects, stores and processes, includes contact information (first name, second name, e-mail address, phone number), payment details used to pay for products, messages that you exchange with us or send to Subscribers via the Service, and other information contained in this Policy.

We receive Personal and Informational data from you via our Service and e-mail, however, in some cases, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy may receive this information from other persons. We collect only the information that is necessary to fulfill the goals of our relationship with you. We do not collect information that the applicable law prohibits to collect. We also do not collect information in ways prohibited by such legislation.Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Data Transfer

We do not provide Personal and Informational data to third parties without the permission of their owner, with the exception of the following cases:

  • after obtaining the consent of Personal Data owner, to appropriate actions with this data, if such actions and their conditions are not regulated by this Policy;
  • if necessary, we may transfer of such data to fulfill your order or request;
  • if this is required to comply with existing laws, fulfillment of requests and requirements of judicial, law enforcement and other state bodies.
  • in the event that, in our opinion, you violate the terms of this Policy or the User Agreement or other agreements between you and Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Data Storage and Security

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy will take all reasonable precautions to protect Personal and Information data stored. This includes physical, technological and programmatic security measures. Canadian pharmacy tries to protect such data from the stage of their transfer to the Service.

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However, you should understand that there is no way to transfer data via the Internet or store, which will be 100% secured. Thus, despite all our efforts, this online service administration can not guarantee absolute protection of information received. Also, if you lose or do not care about security and confidentiality of your authorization data to the Service (login and password), third parties can get unauthorized access to your Personal Data, as well as to Personal and Information data stored in the Service.

We will keep your Personal Information as long as you are active, or for the time necessary to provide you with the Service, resolve disputes and execute our mutual arrangements.