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TOP 4 Best Diuretics

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy composes the list of 4 main diuretics which are efective in exsessive fluid from the organism. Grapple with them and improve your health condition.

List of Diuretics

Lasix (Furosemide)

lasix-40-mgFurosemide is released under the brand name Lasix. Lasix is the most popular and widely spread name, but Torsemide, Bumetanide, and others belong to the same group of potent diuretic means.

Lasix (Furosemide) refers to the very potent diuretics, which act 40-60 minutes after taking the pill and 5-15 minutes after the injection (depending on the method of administration, intravenously or intramuscularly). This diuretic allows you to quickly reduce blood pressure, relieve cardiac stress, accelerate the fluid excretion in hepatic and renal edema, including in ascites, and minimize the threat of brain and lungs edema or eliminate the already developed these organs swelling.

Furosemide is an “ambulance”, not a drug for treating conditions that caused swelling. The disadvantage of this diuretic is its ability to rapidly excrete vital salts, therefore in most cases, Lasix is used once, if necessary. With the more frequent use of the drug requires control over the level of electrolytes in the blood plasma, as well as the parallel intake of potassium-containing products.

Disadvantages. Lasix is strictly contraindicated in severe hepatic and renal failure, narrowing of the bladder lumen or urethra, an absence of urination and other conditions in which severe complications may develop.

Evaluation. Given the really high effectiveness of the drug and its ability to quickly help in case of critical conditions, he was awarded 9 points out of 10.


HypothiazidHypothiazid refers to diuretics of moderately pronounced action. After taking the pill, the effect is manifested within 30-50 minutes and lasts about 6-14 hours (depending on kidneys capacity, the nature of edema and other factors). Due to the mild effect of the drug, it is prescribed for the hypertension treatment (in combination with other drugs), chronic edema of various origins, glaucoma (for lowering intraocular and intracranial pressure) and other conditions in which maintenance of a certain level of arterial pressure or a decrease in internal and subcutaneous edema. It can be taken for long courses provided that the level of electrolytes is periodically monitored.

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Disadvantages. A small number of contraindications – individual intolerance to sulfonamides and pregnancy – are more than compensated by possible side effects, starting with “goosebumps”, ending with serious violations of the water-electrolytic balance, on the background of which even more dangerous complications may develop. In this case, although Hypothiazid is indicated for the treatment of cardiac diseases, it can not be taken together with antiarrhythmic drugs.

Evaluation. The high likelihood of developing unwanted effects has lowered the drug evaluation. As a result, this means gets 7 points out of 10.


VerospironThis drug belongs to the group of diuretics with the least pronounced effect, but it does not cause loss of potassium. After taking the pill, the drug effect develops gradually, reaching its maximum only for 2-3 days, but also persists for a long time. Even a few days after the drug effect end, the diuretic effect is still evident. It is prescribed in combination with other, potent diuretics to compensate for the loss of mineral salts caused by them. As an independent drug for the edema treatment is not used in connection with the ineffectiveness expression.

Disadvantages. Due to the fact that urine excretion occurs slowly, its stagnation in the bladder and, as a consequence, the formation of stones can develop. Special caution should be followed by people with a tendency to urolithiasis or already diagnosed with this ailment. In addition, Verospiron is “rich” with almost all of the undesirable effects inherent in the rest of the diuretic (besides lowering the level of potassium in blood plasma).

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Evaluation. The ratio of advantages and disadvantages is approximately the same, but considering the less severe health hazard due to the potassium-sparing effect, Verospiron deserves 9 points.


ArctostáphylosAfter reading the characteristics of previous diuretics people can relax. We have a 100% natural product with a pronounced diuretic effect. Its undeniable advantage is a small number of contraindications (with proper application), as well as the anti-inflammatory effect on the genitourinary system organs. This is a very valuable quality, given that more than 50% of calls to the doctor with complaints of swelling are due to kidneys and urinary tract diseases. This natural diuretic can be used even by pregnant and lactating women (if, of course, there is a need for diuretics), observing the rule: treatment should last no longer than 5 days, after which it can withstand a break of 1 week.

Disadvantages. To the conventional shortcomings can be attributed the need to daily prepare fresh infusion, as well as not very pleasant taste of such a “tea”. It is not recommended for people with hay fever and other manifestations of allergy to pollen. At least, first consult an allergist or just keep on hand your antihistamine.

Evaluation. Almost no contraindications, an effective and inexpensive diuretic deserves the highest score in the rating of the best – 10 points.

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