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VRML Viewers

VRML is the most common 3D-rendering technology available for web browsers. Our VRML content complies with the VRML 2.0 specification. The two most-popular VRML 2.0-compliant plug-ins are WorldView from Intervista Technology and Cosmo Player available from Cosmo Software.

VRML Features:

  • Supports full 3D manipulation.
  • Features 6 basic 3D rendering styles.
  • Animated morphs between styles.
  • Resonant bonds displayed properly.
  • Atom Labels are large and clear.
  • Orbital models available in VRML only.
  • No chemistry knowledge needed.
  • Suitable for students and classroom.

VRML Drawbacks:

  • Plug-ins are large (10+ MB).
  • Lots of RAM needed (32+ MB).
  • VRML too slow for large models.
  • Plug-ins for MacOS incomplete.