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Regular Customer's Review

“I like online shopping for many reasons. In this review, I’d like to describe all the advantages of buying drugs in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

How I found this pharmacy

Honestly, I’ve already forgot when I last went to the city pharmacy for medicines. In general, I have been using Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy for a long time. This is an online pharmacy from Canada which offers low prices and round-the-clock delivery of medicines and related products. The website lists thousands of medicines, there is an opportunity to look at analogues and compare their prices. I found this online pharmacy six months ago. That day my son was sick and I could not leave the house (and even go to the nearest pharmacy) there was nobody to send. Then I searched for delivery service in the net and came across this store which attracted me with its prices and the speed of delivery. I can not say that I buy medicines only there – sometimes it is much easier to go to the pharmacy near the house than to choose / order / wait. However, if I have a large order or want to save a lot, I use this service.

What I order in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Here I order medicines (for myself, my son, my husband and my mother), including asthma medications, pain relievers, antibiotics, vitamins, drugs for men’s health, allergies and so on. Every product I received was high quality and effective.

Advantages of this pharmacy

So, let’s move on to the most important: the pros)))

  1. Low price. Most often (note, not always, but often) the prices in the drugstore are lower than in any others. However, if you really value the cost, I advise you to compare prices with other pharmacies. Some months ago I was looking for quite expensive eyes drops, and all other drugstores offered more expensive prices. A low price is a weighty argument to buy drugs from this pharmacy;
  2. Wide assortment. Here you can find even the drugs what can not be found in all other pharmacies – very rare generic drugs for men’s health and so on. I also found the greatest selection when I was looking for medications for the immune system. Of course, I found the necessary drug in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. The great advantage of this online store is the fact that they are always available. Well honestly, maybe I’m just so lucky so far, but still never had an unpleasant experience with this store;
  3. Sales and discounts. The online pharmacy arranges different sales and promotions from time to time, but the most pleasant thing is the reduced cost of products with expiring shelf life. What’s the catch? There’s no catch. For example, when the cream remains to live a couple of months, it is sold at a discount around 50%. In two or three months you will have time to use it));
  4. The interface is convenient, and it’s so easy to find the right medicine – you just need to enter a name in the search bar and a list of suitable drugs will appear in different dosages and forms. I did not even register, but after the first order, they automatically remember my address and phone number (I do not know, maybe this is bad for spies)));
  5. The delivery is free for orders exceeding $150. I have never managed to make an order for a smaller amount, which in general is not surprising at current prices. You can always choose what is more convenient. By the way, you can pay with a card, and this is a huge plus. Delivery is almost always the same day, which is very convenient in the event that you have to start treatment right now. For delivery, you can choose different time intervals, but to be honest, sometimes it happens that the courier calls much earlier and asks if you are ready to take the order. If you can accept it, you’d better agree, otherwise the order will be delivered later. I’ve had it a couple of times;
  6. Drugs without a prescription. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy does not require a prescription. I’m not telling it’s right, but sometimes it’s convenient;
  7. The store operates around the clock;
  8. On the website, you can read about the selected product: its composition and application. I always read it and it is convenient to read the instructions before buying.
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In general, I am very satisfied. So far, this is the best online pharmacy service which I had to deal with.

Thank you for attention:)”