Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: New Leader among Online Pharmacies

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Speciality

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is originally conceived by the creators as a pharmacy for online sales, providing its virtual counter to large players in the healthcare market. Canadian Pharmacy started it operation in 1999 and has gained a great number of customers from all over the world.

The company quickly developed due to competent marketing and clear goals, as well as offering a huge range of products from the best American and European manufacturers at very affordable prices.

Today, Onlne Pharmacy range represents the following drugs categories available:

  • men’s health;
  • women’s health;
  • antibiotics;
  • antidepressants;
  • anti-allergic / asthma;
  • cardiac drugs;
  • others.

Medications Online in Canadian Neighbor PharmacyCanadian Pharmacy is certified to sell generic medications produced predominantly in India according to FDA-certificates. Therefore, the proposed products are certified, and the risk to purchase a substandard or counterfeit drug is reduced to zero when ordering online from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Manufacturer Country

All products are produced in the USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, India and other Asian countries. 100% authenticity of the products is guaranteed.

Price Level on Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Prices for all products in our pharmacy are very affordable and are among the lowest in Canada and the US, not to mention the prices for similar products in other countries, where it is often higher by an order of magnitude or more.

Delivery Available in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Neighboe Phamacy carries out international delivery by means of two main options:

  1. Regular Airmail (14-21 days);
  2. Express Courier System (8-14 days).

The delivery is free if the total order amount is over $ 150 if delivered by Regular Airmail and over $ 300 – if by EMS. But if your costs less, you have to pay $ 15,00 for delivery in every corner of the world by Regular Airmail and $ 25 – in case of Express Courier System.

How to Make an Order Online from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

To make orders in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is easy. This process will not cause difficulties even for new comers in online shopping.

The whole process consists of several standard stages:

  • searching for the goods;
  • studying the properties of the goods;
  • adding it to the shopping cart;
  • sorting the goods in shopping cart before placing the order;
  • payment stage;
  • delivery details examination.

The interface of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is in English, but it is very friendly and understandable. You can also use the services of automatic translation of sites into your native language.

Search for the goods can be conducted both through the selection of goods in a certain category and subcategory, and through the searchbar.

The personal page of each product is very informative and will not allow you to make mistakes with an exact choice. The store provides all the completeness of the available information about the product, and also offers to get acquainted with honest reviews of ordinary buyers.

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