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Erectile Dysfunction: Is It Her Fault?

This is His Problems

… His, not her. After all, we are talking about erectile dysfunction.

But – in sexual life two people are involved (we are talking about the norm). And the wife (partner) sooner or later discovers the «loss». The partner «shirks» sex, referring to fatigue, work, stress, poor health. Sexual «post» is delayed for days, weeks, months… There is silence in the family, misunderstanding worsens…

A man perceives erectile dysfunction tragically, because in his consciousness this is a defeat, a fiasco, a failure. A man begins to fear subsequent failures – and unconsciously programs himself on them. Failures are repeated, and pretty soon a man begins to perceive marital bed as a place of shame…

And a woman – what does she do in this situation? Repeatedly scrolls the situation in her head, trying to understand what’s going on. Does he have someone else and spend his male power there? Stopped loving? Chilled? If so, then (a woman thinks) she is to blame, she is not good enough…His Problems in Her Eyes

That is (note), despite openness of this topic in media, erectile dysfunction is the last thing a woman will think about, trying to find the cause of the problem.

This misunderstanding of causes and consequences of erectile dysfunction, difference in male and female psychology can result in serious complications in relationships…

Meet Erectile Dysfunction

… It so happened historically that topic of erectile dysfunction in society has always been a taboo, unacceptable. By the way, earlier this disease was called impotence, thereby giving up male function for lost: he can not, that’s all! Today we know that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a disease caused by disruption of intimate vessels. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can manifest as a symptom of various other diseases. So, ED can arise on the background of endocrine disorders, urological problems, neuropsychic disorders. It is no accident that the so called «manager’s syndrome» – a common psychoneurological disorder in our time – among other symptoms includes possible violations in sexual sphere.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy notes, it is important for a woman to understand that erectile dysfunction is a disease caused by specific physiological reasons, and this illness is treated. Now the most difficult thing is to tactfully call a partner into conversation. It is important to demonstrate to the husband understanding, absence of claims, explain that nothing tragic happens, that you are not going to blame him for impotence. The next step is to convince your partner to see a doctor. Anticipating a wave of protest, it should be explained that cause of male problems may be an urological disease, for example, prostatitis, which as a symptom often gives complications in sexual sphere. It is urologist who can identify the disease, prescribe a course of treatment. If these fears are not confirmed, doctor will select a drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction, will prompt algorithm of actions necessary to return to normal.

Erectile Dysfunction is Treatable

As already mentioned, erectile dysfunction is associated with violation of work of intimate vessels. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra, created specifically for treatment of erectile dysfunction, contributes to restoration of potency within physiological norm, directly affecting endothelial (intimate) vessels and improving their performance.

It is important to emphasize that, unlike the so-called one-time stimulants, providing a one-time result, Viagra can be taken as a course, and therapeutic effect can persist for a long time after the drug is discontinued.

Viagra has positive effect on psychoemotional coloring of sexual intercourse (quality or strength of orgasm). Also, the drug can eliminate men’s manifestations of climacteric disorders, such as weakness, fatigue, decreased physical activity, decreased libido.

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A Man and a Woman

Having completed full course of treatment, a man «returns to the ranks»…

But, «returning», a man does not just return lost faith in himself, optimism. Now he looks at the world in a new way, feeling that his life has changed at the root…

And what about a woman – the second heroine of this story? After all, she could be said to have heroically won a man from a disease…

Oh, she’s doing great! They both are.