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Welcome to WebMolecules — an active, sponsor-supported site designed for the 3D visualization of molecules.

Getting Started

To use this site, you need a FREE 3D Viewer and your computer must meet a few minimum system requirements. The Setup links (left column top) provide detailed information to help get you started. Need more help? Try the Help link (left column) for answers to common problems. Need even more assistance? Tell us the problem at: [email protected].


We currently have over 220,000 molecular models available on-line. And, of course, the entire database is fully indexed and searchable.

Top 2000

Our most-commonly-requested molecules can be found in our Top 2000. This includes molecules of commercial value, educational importance, and of topical interest. They are organized into 30+ chemical categories and are also indexed by formula. Our Top 2000 molecules are also fully searchable for your convenience.

Feature Summary

  • Examine molecules in full 3D;
  • Display of primary attributes;
  • Supports several 3D plug-ins;
  • Multiple 3D representations;
  • Morphing styles;
  • Searchable;
  • Indexed by Category;
  • Indexed by Formula;
  • Over two hundred thousand models;
  • Top 100 pollutants;
  • Top 100 commercial chemicals;
  • Top 200 pharmaceuticals;
  • Hundreds of common Fragments;
  • Common Orbital configurations;
  • Common Valences geometries;
  • Downloadable 3D Model Data.


  • It makes a great teaching tool.
  • Use WebMolecules to show students the 3D nature of molecules.
  • See molecules in the news.
  • Download structures for use with your molecular modeling programs.
  • Create sophisticated 3D illustrations for reports, papers, etc.
  • And, of course, WebMolecules is simply intriguing to browse through.